Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Original Faith

"Original Faith " - Is Available Now!

Original Faith is about finding a language to begin sharing the passion and purpose that connects progressives from every walk of life around the world. Finding the willingness to change ourselves for the better so that we're better equipped to help provide a world of possibility and promise for all our children. The stakes are high. It has become a matter of humanity's overall quality of life and possibly our survival.

With an Original Faith...

*There is a love that can be known and understood — if not fully, then in part.
*There is faith that can be experienced — with or without belief.
*There is work — and even dedication.
*There is the discovery that every one of us is more than a self alone.
*There is coming alive to the fact that we are here not to be served, but to serve.
*There is the possibility of true joy and a viable future for our children.
*There is the certainty of personal peace and integrity.

Original Faith

It's now available online at,,, and and is also available by special order at bookstores (ISBN: 978-1-934611-00-5).
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