Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Elder's Meditation of the Day

bird on a wire

"Decisions that have been made for the last couple of centuries have been
decisions made without the presence of a real God.
...from the vision, not of God, but of money."
--Tom Porter, MOHAWK

As we view the world today, it's easy to see the people are off track. We are no
longer living in harmony. Focusing on the material only leads us from the path of
the Creator.
We must now pray for ourselves and the people in a pitiful way.
We must be humble and ask the Great Spirit to intervene because if we don't,
our children will continue to have troubles. They are acting out our behavior
as adults. Today is a good time to start. We need to get the spiritual way back
into our lives. We need to focus on the spiritual.

My Creator, help me to focus on the spiritual way.